Onlyhumans is a digital agency with heart and soul. Nevertheless, we like to tell stories the old-fashioned way. Kind of.

Stories change our attitudes, our beliefs and our behaviours. It’s been like that since ancient times. Storytelling for business purposes, however, is a fairly new phenomenon.

Goed verhaal menselijke insteek
Every good story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Great stories, above all, take a human approach.

Imagine this. You’ve done your research and have all the facts and data down to a T. The numbers speak for themselves. And yet, when you present your findings, your audience hardly bats an eye.

What a bummer! But there’s no need to panic. This type of reaction is completely normal. After all, people are only human. They make decisions with their hearts and then rationalize them later down the road. And that’s when your facts and figures come in handy.

That’s how people are wired. Only great stories can win us over from the very start.

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Can we convince schools to educate kids about lice in a fun way?

Schools are often hotbeds for lice. Prevention is key, and Elimax® is keen to take on that challenge. The head lice treatment brand called in the help of Onlyhumans, who designed and developed a special educational game package for them.

To raise awareness Elimax® and Onlyhumans introduced the kids to an educational game package in which a louse called Luiz plays the leading role.

The bad guy in town, Luiz spreads all sorts of lies to reach his one goal: making children’s lives miserable. It is up to the children to expose Luiz by debunking all the myths he tells them about lice, and get him behind bars just like real sheriffs.

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