A funky start to the new school year thanks to our video campaign for Switch

With twenty-eight stores across Belgium, Switch is the largest Apple distributor in our country. Because the brand is particularly popular with students, Switch wanted to kick off the new school year with a blast. How to go about it, though? That’s where Onlyhumans came in with a funky video campaign. Sounds good, right? And we managed to persuade TheColorGrey to become a brand ambassador. Sounds even better!

Back to school

Whether they’re studying, at the gym or hanging out in a bar, music plays an important role in the lives of students. Which is, evidently, one of the many reasons why they’re so fond of Switch’s handy products and top-notch services. With that insight in mind, Onlyhumans created a back to school campaign for Switch called ‘The soundtrack to your student life’.

Videos with a beat

No video campaign without videos, of course. In total, we developed and produced four different videos. The setup: student life as it is, with TheColorGrey playing the lead as an invisible hero. Every time a student faces a difficult situation, the rising star of the Belgian urban scene comes to the rescue. Trouble studying? TheColorGrey whips up a portion of power food. Planning a night out? TheColorGrey freshens up your make-up. Each video ends with a clear reference to Switch and one of the products from their range.

Music, maestro

To make our campaign even more musical, we joined forces with TheColoreyGrey to create ten special playlists made available on the Switch website via Apple Music and Spotify. Each playlist corresponds to a specific moment in a student’s day, enabling students to always listen to the perfect song – whether they’re on the go, studying, playing sports or getting in the mood for a party.

Online and on the radio

Because students are practically always online, we rolled out our campaign primarily on Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube. The videos were supported by sophisticated social media marketing and bannering on the Google Display Network. And, mind you, it did not stop there, because you can’t say ‘music’ without saying ‘radio’, too! That why we launched matching radio spots to the videos as well, and got them played by MNM, Qmusic and NRJ.


Awareness, traffic and leads

Next to launching one very cool – even if we do say so ourselves – campaign, our aim was to shine a spotlight on Switch’s products and services. That’s why we designed a back to school landing page, hosting all the videos and the playlists alongside interesting Switch products for students, discount codes included. That’s right. Through one campaign, we not only raised brand awareness for Switch but also generated more traffic and leads to boot!