Spreading the word for Parentia, from TV to the gynaecologist’s office

On the first day of 2019, the child benefit system in Belgium changed, resulting in the birth of a whole new child benefit fund: Parentia! The Parentia child benefit fund’s main objective is to assist parents with their household administration, so that they get to spend more time with their family. But how can you help someone who doesn’t even know you exist? This called for a creative campaign no one could ignore!

Hello, world!

Our task was to present Parentia to mums and dads as the go-to partner for child benefits and maternity allowance, and as a reliable source of information regarding household administration and child rearing. A tall order indeed.

A website for busy parents

First and foremost, Parentia needed a platform to make all their information available. Preferably one that was easy for parents to use and had lovely design to boot.

Presenting… The Parentia website!

Onlyhumans set up a clear structure that allows parents to quickly navigate to the information they need. We also provided scannable, to-the-point copy for all landing pages. And, as busy parents don’t have time to wait for a landing page that takes ages to load, Onlyhumans made sure the site was in ship shape on a technical level as well.

Commercials that strike the right chord

Once the website was good and ready for launch, it was time for the next step: creating radio and TV commercials that would make Parentia top of mind for young parents all over the country. Following a particularly fruitful brainstorming session with the good people of Parentia, Onlyhumans got cracking. We took care of the entire production process, from concept to creation.

Lukas (Dutch)
Noah (Dutch)
Liesje (Dutch)
Tuur (Dutch)
Emma (Dutch)

The radio campaign consisted of five different commercials with a common theme: parents who are so preoccupied with their household administration that they fail to notice their child’s amazing talent. We made a recording of Liesje, who can order ossobuco in fluent Italian; Emma, who reads Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment before bedtime; Tuur, a piano virtuoso; Lukas, a mathematical genius; and Noah, whose IT skills are so advanced he could easily get a job in Silicon Valley. We applied the same theme to the two television commercials we shot, one of which portrayed a child making a breath-taking drawing and the other showing a young boy’s exceptional talent for construction. Fortunately, with the help of Parentia, parents can focus on the things that really matter!

Online presence

Needless to say, we also rolled out the campaign online by sharing the videos on social media and publishing banners on Facebook, YouTube and in the Google Display network. Parents who are pressed for time and turn to Google to find their way through the maze of household administration … now get to see Parentia’s ads thanks to our SEA experts. Finally, we launched an elaborate mailing campaign to inform parents of all the benefits Parentia brings to the table.

Handy info material

In addition to being a reliable source of information, Parentia is, of course, a child benefit fund. Parents therefore not only had to be informed, but also encouraged to take action and request their maternity allowance through Parentia. One place many parents – especially future parents! – visit is the gynaecologist’s office. That’s why we sent leaflets and posters listing the administrative matters that should be on every new parent’s to-do list, to gynaecologists all over the country.

We even provided handy paper clips to keep all important documents together. In addition, we made sure Parentia was a presence to be reckoned with at baby fairs, where we further supplemented our promotional material with fun Milestone Cards. These cards featured a clever call to action for parents to request Parentia’s maternity allowance. In collaboration with Parentia, Onlyhumans created both the concept and design as well as the copy for all the info material.