Sparkling visual storytelling for MVSA Cava

MVSA is not your everyday cava. A premium product, MVSA is sold exclusively by food catering and specialty stores. In search of a new look to match their top-quality bubbles, the good people of MVSA reached out to Onlyhumans for sparkling visual storytelling. Our quest: to design a brand-new visual identity from scratch. And boy, did we pull out all the stops. Discover how all the MVSA magic came to be!


Wanted: a story with spunk

MVSA is a cava that stands out because of its quality, gorgeous presentation and luxurious appearance. For this brand to shine in all its glory, a strong creative concept with a glamourous edge is essential. MVSA asked Onlyhumans to come up with a story which would serve as the basis for all their imagery from now on. We had to keep in mind the MVSA website and social media channels as well as printed publications, sales material, etc. In short, we had lots to cover. The whole lot, basically.

Workshop till you drop

We kicked off the project by means of a strategic exercise. A workshop, if you will, in which we dissected the MVSA brand together with the client and discussed goals and expectations. Armed with a trove of information, our humans set to work on different concepts. The customer picked their favorite mood board, which would ultimately serve as inspiration for a storyline and photography style.

MVSA Poster


What better inspiration for MVSA’s new visual identity than the Greek muses themselves, right? Our thoughts exactly. On the one hand, the muses are in keeping with the brand name (although the name ‘MVSA’ actually refers to the client’s winery called ‘Masia Vallformosa’ – but that’s our little secret). On the other hand, the Greek muses inspire us to get the most out of life, just like sipping a glass of cava tends to do. In terms of imagery, we selected the five muses that best fit MVSA’s philosophy, namely the muses of pleasure, femininity, passion, dance and conversation. For a slogan, we landed on ‘THE PERFECT EXCVSE – to get inspired’, because there is always a good excuse for spoiling yourself with a glass of cava, isn’t there? Our muses agree.

Camera, set, action! Or no, wait …

Careful preparation went into the final creation of the images. The photo material, after all, had to exude an air of mystery and sophistication. All the more reason for us to do some conceptual sketches and create detailed mood boards. These clearly conveyed to our partners the specific look and feel, styling and set dressing we had in mind. Creative photo studio Lichtwaas took our suggestions to heart, making sure the photoshoot, which took place in a castle, was top-notch. The models we cast were styled by Pierre Gorzala, who created bespoke outfits using the most refined textures based on a predetermined color palette. The talented Dimitra Apostolidis dressed the set to the nines, while we took care of art direction and made sure the creative concept came to life. Curious to see how this all went down? Just watch the ‘making of’ video below!

Life after the shoot

And that’s a wrap! Well, almost. After the shoot, we selected the best photos and added a fitting quote from the muse who inspired the specific shot. In post-production, we combined the images to create an intriguing, panoramic parallax animation for the website. Minor (or not so minor) detail: the MVSA website was also one hundred percent designed by yours truly. In addition, MVSA called on us to come up with a well-thought-out social media strategy. We now not only feed their Instagram and Facebook page with images from our photo shoot, but also use the channels to share recognizable ‘cava moments’ with unique MVSA hashtags such as #SparklySatvrday and #SocialSvnday. And there’s plenty more loveliness to come, because our collaboration with this premium cava brand is far from over! Stay tuned ?