Story Key: content strategy workshops

As a brand, establishing a long-term relationship with your customer is crucial. Consider it a ‘never ending story’, if you will, which continues to fascinate and evolve. The secret to success? A coherent approach. In other words, don’t decide on a content strategy overnight but take your time to come up with a thorough plan of action. At Onlyhumans, we developed our own model to achieve exactly that. Behold: the Story Key!

Brand story becomes page turner

In a series of workshops, we set out to define a common theme for your content campaigns and brainstorm on how we can bring that theme to life. The ultimate result: a well-thought-out plan that will serve as a blueprint for all your future communications.

It takes the right content strategy to turn your brand story into a page turner.

How to establish a communication plan?

Determined to wrap up your brand story in the blink of an eye? Good luck with that. As you can see below, there’s more to it than you think!

  • Identify your objectives, whether you want to raise brand awareness, achieve a better ranking in Google, retrieve data from visitors to your website, generate more leads, … You name it.
  • Define target groups and personas to determine which content you need to strike the right chord with the right people.
  • Come up with a creative concept to serve as a common theme for all your communications.
  • Find the ‘content sweet spot’ to write about.
  • Create content formats that make your brand story come to life.
  • Choose your channels wisely: social media, website, blog, newsletters, custom publishing, press releases, …
  • Set up a digital media plan that enables you to successfully tell your stories to the right target group(s).
  • Develop a conversion strategy to extract leads from visitors and through data capture.

The point of a Story Key

Once your communication strategy is on point, the magic starts. Equipped with a Story Key, you’ve got everything you need to

The steps of a Story Key

  • Intake Workshop

    During an intake workshop, we immerse ourselves in your brand world. We zoom in on your brand positioning, identify your competitors and get to know your target group. Together with you, we define the scope of the project and determine its objectives and priorities.

  • Story Research

    Next, we start to look for insights by analysing as much data and information as possible. And by talking to real people, of course. We then get cracking to establish common themes, storylines and a content strategy.

  • Story Building Workshop

    To evaluate our performance, we organise a work session in which we present our first proposal for the campaign strategy and common theme, followed by a joint brainstorm on story formats and on ideas to bring your brand story to life.

  • Final Communication Plan

    The final content marketing plan brings all elements together, including a timeline with a retro planning and well-defined production budgets.

    • Budgeting of content formats, production and management
    • Putting together a content calendar
    • Defining a media plan: channels, media budgets, reach, …
A good story reaches places no quantitative analysis can ever go: our hearts