Creative concepts that make an impact

Common thread

It’s not (just) what you say, it’s how you say it. Without a strong concept, your campaign will die a quick death. You’ll also be biting the dust if your campaigns have no common thread running through them – an overarching concept for your concepts, if you will. That is why we always keep the next step in mind when designing your first campaign. Not because we’re in it for the money, but because we know that your brand story must strike the right chord with your target group time and time again.

A work of art based on strategic insights

Don’t be fooled by their enthusiasm and go-get attitude: our creative minds rarely come up with the ultimate (overarching) concept overnight. On the contrary, they base themselves on a Story Key: a strategic model which we develop in collaboration with our clients during two workshops. Combined with sophisticated data research, internal brainstorming sessions and a careful selection process – only the best idea is good enough – a creative campaign concept is born.

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It’s almost (a)live!

Smitten with the creative concept we’ve just proposed? Awesome! Now we’ll make every effort to bring your campaign to life. To raise as much brand awareness as possible, we strive for original content formats that make consumers curious for what’s next. The kind of advertising in which your target audience recognizes itself. Not sure what to expect? Check out our #refreshingmoments campaign for Tic Tac and you’ll get the picture! ?