Employer branding: building your brand as an employer

Finding your ‘it’ factor as an employer sure is challenging. Losing it, however, is pretty easy. Are vacancies not getting filled? Are your employees leaving you to work for the competition? Unless you’ve got a solid story to tell, the many talents out there are likely to slip through your hands before you even know it. Attracting and retaining staff – especially IT technicians, engineers, operators and other technical profiles – is, after all, becoming increasingly difficult. The solution? Employer branding! Creating and maintaining a strong personality for your business is the best way to attract more candidates as well as retain the talent you already employ.

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Your brand as an employer: be a unicorn

The last thing you want as an employer in today’s competitive employment landscape is not getting noticed. Now more than ever, companies and organisations looking to make the most of their human resources are unlikely to succeed unless they have a strong employer brand in place. An effective employer brand turns your business into a unicorn, helping you stand out and convince new talent to come and work for you.

Retention becomes brand ambassadorship

Strong employer branding goes hand in hand with a well-thought-out employer’s image, enabling you to increase your current employees’ commitment and sense of involvement. It’s the perfect means to decrease talent outflow and give your retention rate a tremendous boost. What’s more, a strong employer brand ultimately turns employees into true brand ambassadors.

Once upon a time… there was your employer story

What’s your ‘Why’? What do you stand for as a company and as an employer? What are your main achievements and where are you headed next? What values do you offer your employees?

Allowing employees to identify with your organisation and making them feel they have something to contribute is of crucial importance to your success as an employer.

To create and refine your unique employer story, we dig deep into your company’s soul and listen to what your employees and other stakeholders have to say about you.

Employer Value Proposition as a cornerstone

Basing ourselves on all the information gathered, we map your identity and define your Employer Value Proposition (EVP): a set of benefits (other than wages), values, qualities and characteristics that are unique to your business as a (potential) employer. Your EVP is what encourages candidates to apply for a job at your company, while also motivating your current employees.

If successful, it attracts the interest of customers and other stakeholders and generates their trust as well. In a nutshell, your EVP functions as a future-oriented cornerstone of your organisation. Because it is an essential condition of a distinctive, successful employer brand, our story sessions revolve around defining your EVP as accurately as possible.


All hail the lively, unambiguous company culture

What type of organisation do you run? What’s your corporate culture like? Do your employees experience working for you in the way you intend them to? When recruiting talent, finding that perfect match is crucial. Otherwise, chances of you hiring committed and driven people who endorse the same values (and are therefore happy and proud to be working for you) are slim, to say the least.

key benefits of employer branding:

  • Increased influx of new talent
  • A higher retention rate
  • Improved employee engagement
  • A more solid an appealing corporate culture

How we build up your employer story

  • Story intake

    First, we take your company’s pulse by collecting various types of information and data based on an intake session and extensive talks with diverse internal stakeholders.

  • Story session 1: research

    During the first story session, we evaluate the data and information we retrieved, extracting the necessary insights. With the basis for your employer story now in place, we brainstorm about overarching concepts and create potential storylines which we then evaluate together with you.

  • Story session 2: design

    During a second session, we continue to work on your employer brand story and EVP plan, and focus on how we will get your entire campaign up and running.

  • Final EVP plan

    Finally, the definitive EVP plan takes shape. We combine all the results of the intake and story sessions, set a timeline and come up with a concrete production budget.

By setting up an intake session followed by two story sessions, we retrieve mountains of information which will serve as the basis for your employer story. Finally, we do everything it takes to bring your story to life.