Content marketing: the beating heart of your brand

A strong connection with their customers is every company’s dream come true. To create that special bond and maintain it, however, you have to offer your audience something unique day after day. Mind you, we’re not talking products and services here. The secret to connecting with consumers lies in fantastic content marketing. Whether your focus is B2C or B2B, or you simply want to woo your own employees: content that interests people, evokes emotions and offers a concrete answer to your target group’s questions is crucial for your success.

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Together with you, we determine what content your audience will find the most compelling. We map your target audience’s intentions and examine the best way for you to reach and engage them. Content can be a blog article, an interview, a use case, a video, … The possibilities are virtually endless!

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Content strategy

Onlyhumans always bases the entire content marketing process on a well-thought-out content strategy. We bring personas to life, draw up a publication calendar filled with fascinating topics and measure the effects of your published content. To make your content story a real page turner and create loyal brand fans, we rely on a specially developed Story Key.

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B2b content

Content marketing for B2B

B2B content marketing, too, creates added value by raising awareness and boosting engagement and traffic.

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Content that generates leads – and converts them

How can you encourage visitors to your website to take action? How do you turn viewers into loyal customers? Enticing them with targeted content is the answer.

Lead generation through content