Spreading the LOVE for Orange 

Telecom provider Orange launched their new ‘triple play’ offer in early 2017With this new formula called LOVE, Orange give their customers the choice between various flexible combinations of mobile solutions, internet and TV at the best possible price. In a bid to reach their target audience (which mainly consisted of families), Orange called on Onlyhumans to support their new LOVE package with creative content, which we did – and still l-o-v-e doing today!  

All you need is Love

Armed with their new slogan ‘All you need is Love’, Orange wanted to distance themselves from the ‘one size fits all’ approach that dominates the telecom market today. Thanks to LOVE, Orange customers can opt for a personalized combination of internet, digital television and mobile. To ice the cake, Orange even launched their new packaging with the daring promise of being 20 percent cheaper than their competitors!  

Love is …

Our strategy to bring LOVE to everyone’s attention? Writing fun and fresh blog articles and Facebook posts on a regular basis and sharing them with the world. Or with Orange’s target audience, at least. First, we focused on producing content to raise brand awareness. In a second phase, we shifted our attention to increasing engagement and traffic. 

Count the LOVE

To highlight the launch of the LOVE-package, we came up with a competition to go with the television commercial. First prize? A romantic weekend in Paris. All candidates had to do was count how many times the word ‘love’ was used during the commercial. Next to one lucky winner, the competition resulted in loads of attention for the launch of LOVE! 

Animated buzz

Wkicked off the competition online, too, by posting various animations with extra tips and tricks to help competitors count correctly. To create even more buzz, we used funny gifs to show how life only gets better through LOVE. Gone are the days of getting lost around town, of struggling with crazy amounts of paperwork, … All thanks to your Orange data!  

Seducing through Temptation 

Thanks to LOVE, Orange customers have access to no less than 70 channels – inspiration aplenty for us to write juicy Facebook posts with a wink to popular TV shows. Who will draw the short straw in De Mol – or the longest one in Temptation Island? Rest assured, though, we’d never spoil a plot! We do however, post loads of viewing tips, fun remarks and interesting information to keep readers glued to their seats and entice them to watch the next episodes. 

Content that scores  

Special attention is given to the Eleven Sports offer. We warm up the crowd for Driesje and Thorgan’s amazing dribbling skills, LeBron James’ flabbergasting dunks, and so on. Eleven Sports viewers, after all, get to watch all the big football competitions such as La Liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Euro Qualifiers 2020 and other top competitions including NBA, UFC and NFL. 

Strategic advice and other services 

Onlyhumans doesn’t just support Orange content-wise, by the way. We also give them strategic advice – on product launching, target audiences, activation campaigns, … – and work out various ideas and proposals based on their briefings. That advice could range from launching new products or services to targetting new audiences for the campaign. 

A whole lotta LOVE 

Is all that passion bearing fruit, you ask? It sure is! In the first quarter of 2018 alone, Orange Belgium convinced a whopping 19,000 new customers to invest in the LOVE package. That means the telecom provider is well on track to achieve their objective to move from 70,000 to 100,000 new customers in 2018. 

In addition, Orange managed to seduce 28,000 new post-paid mobile phone subscribers, the highest number since 2011.

What’s more, these customers are streaming more and more data, so the monthly revenue per customer has increased as well. And we like to think we have a little something to do with that ❤️!