The fight for customers calls for a battle plan

In the eternal fight for customers, a solid brand strategy is the ultimate weapon to gain and retain competitive advantage. How we go about that, you ask? Read on to find out how we develop future-proof strategies that make an impact on the market as well as individual consumers!

Warming up with research and analysis

First, we do our homework: we map target groups, research trend reports and consumer insights, analyse what the competition is doing and outline the market and other environmental factors. Who’s your brand’s ideal target audience? Who are your competitors? What are your brand’s main challenges and in what kind of context does it operate? The answers to those questions ultimately allow us to determine your ideal brand position.

Brand positioning puts you firmly on the map

Brand positioning kind of works like a GPS. It determines what your brand stands for and where it’s headed. We define the best way to present your brand to the world, what benefits your brand should offer, how it should behave and how it can continue to evolve. We pin down your brand’s ultimate look, the message(s) it will bring and the emotions it should to evoke. Combining all those elements leads to the best possible brand perception, which in turn enables you to win both hearts and minds.

Core values: the backbone of your brand

A limited number of key concepts that capture the essence of your brand – its DNA, if you will – core values are the pillars on which your brand story is built.

Forget empty promises and hollow words, because brand success goes hand in hand with delivering on those core values by being – and staying – true to your brand personality.

Psssst! Stand out from the crowd

Once we’ve carved out that unique spot in the market, there’s still the matter of claiming it for your brand. We set out to distinguish your business from the competition by ensuring your brand nestles itself in the consumer’s thoughts and attitudes towards the market. What’s your USP? What unique advantage makes your product or service stand out from the crowd? The impact of your brand’s tone of voice is not to be underestimated either when it comes to your competitive advantage. Do you want your communications to sound formal or casual? Just a bit bold or downright cheeky? Slapstick or tongue-in-cheek?

A strong brand with a distinct identity

The final step is making your brand come to life! By connecting all elements mentioned above, we turn your brand identity into reality. Armed with the perfect image and a strong look and feel, your brand has all it takes to evoke the right emotions. As a result, consumers will truly experience your brand rather than just come across it from time to time. Which is, in the end, the ultimate goal of any brand story. You want to treat consumers to a total experience built around your brand, engaging them and turning them into loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

Why every brand needs a bold strategy

A brand without ‘brains’ tends to run around like a chicken with its head cut off: it moves in all possible directions without reason or purpose.

That’s why your brand can’t do without…

  • a well-thought-out strategy with a clear direction, structure and framework
  • smart positioning to gain and retain competitive advantage
  • a unique brand identity to stand out from the crowd while remaining credible
  • a distinct look and tone of voice to be recognizable and relatable
  • a fascinating brand story to address and engage the consumer