The pharmacist knows best: Multipharma’s help, hub and hero content

If you have a question about asthma, insomnia or migraine, chances are Dr. Google is your first stop – even if the answers he churns out aren’t always reliable, let alone personal. Feeling it was high time to close this particular gap in the information highway, apothecary group Multipharma called in the help of … Onlyhumans.

Personal and always available

Our challenge was twofold. We had to boost Multipharma’s brand identity as the go-to pharmacy for personal advice, available 24/7 no matter the customer’s location. We were also tasked with informing customers that the contents of the IU webshop would be moving to the new Multipharma webshop.

Keen to get cracking, Onlyhumans launched a content marketing campaign aimed at mothers aged 25 to 55.

A heroic content mix

We filled Multipharma’s content calendar with a mix of help, hub and hero content, ultimately sharing information and inspiration about ailments, health and beauty on the blog and social channels on a weekly basis. We spiced up the website with thematic dossiers which we nourished with video content and engaging e-books. Whether you have a question about colds or stomach aches, you will find all the advice you need online – approved by pharmacists and with explanatory illustrations.

Everything from creating to promoting

Once the content had been published, we did everything needed to make sure it got read. To attract more visitors to the website and to make sure Multipharma’s expertise reached the right people, we put the best blog articles in the spotlight on Facebook. We also published creative posts to piggy-back on current events, including fun facts for Valentine’s day and clever tips for people on their skiing holiday.

Off to a great start

Multipharma’s collaboration with Onlyhumans is proving fruitful. Even though we’re only at the beginning of our trajectory, the first e-books have already been downloaded 1,647 times: 1,295 downloads resulted from a Facebook lead campaign, 232 from a Facebook traffic campaign and 120 occurred via other channels (mainly e-mail, direct and referral). Talk about a great start!