Tic Tac




How Tic Tac’s videos mesmerized millennials thanks to influencer marketing

Everyone knows Tic Tac. Yet somehow the brand, until recently, no longer appealed to millennials. When Ferrero called upon Onlyhumans to help Tic Tac reconquer the millennial’s heart, we decided – and succeeded – to give the brand a whole new face. The key to our success? Influencer marketing.

Meet our influencer Henri PFR, the musical ‘new kid on the block’. At 22 years old, Henri is Belgium’s most promising young DJ. By making him the star of our cool video campaign, we managed to captivate the ‘generation of the short attention span’ and keep them interested until the end of each commercial.

On tour with influencer Henri PFR

Henri PFR’s summer hit Until The End was a worldwide success which got him to play at all major festivals. We made six 30 to 60-second videos offering a glimpse into Henri PFR’s exciting life. We shared the videos on Tic Tac’s social media channels as well as with Henri’s own network, which consists of hundreds of thousands of millennials. By linking Tic Tac to Henri PFR’s music, the video campaign managed to boost the brand’s image tremendously.

High view-through rate

Henri PFR talking about his passion for music, friends and Snapchat Spectacles left no one indifferent: each video’s view-through rate (VTR) surpassed all expectations (VTR is the ratio between the number of times a video ad is viewed (impressions) and the number of times it gets viewed until the end). As the title of Henri’s summer hit already predicted, more than half of the viewers watched the videos all the way ‘until the end’.

We like to think in squares

The thing with video campaigns is that the way you deliver the message is at least as important as the message itself. To give our Tic Tac videos more stopping power, we distributed them in a square format and turned to the Snapchat Spectacles framework popular with millennials. Additionally, we made the video available with both Dutch and French subtitles. Because, as we expected, 70 to 80 percent of millennials watched the videos with the sound turned off.

Et encore

But we didn’t stop there. After the Shake It campaign’s Summer Edition, the Emotions Edition followed, for which we launched where visitors could win prizes by shaking Tic Tacs to the beat of Henri PFR’s music.