Niko connected switch



Niko connected switch

Here’s a question: how do you make professional installers interested in a new Niko product that helps them make existing electrical installations effortlessly smart?


The challenge

Now here’s the catch: Niko already offers special switches to make existing lighting systems more flexible. Switches you can install wherever you want, without having to tear open walls. The trick? They’re adhesive, wireless switches connected to a receiver. It’s that easy!

Then what about the ‘effortlessly smarter’ part, you ask? Well, by adding a gateway to their flexible lighting system, users can operate the switches from their smartphones, no matter where they are. Which is really something, as it means that virtually every existing electrical installation can effortlessly be turned into a ‘smart’ one.



The idea

We sent professional installers a vial containing an innocuous drink made from apple juice and cinnamon. We promised them that, however suspicious the potion looked, drinking it would instantly make them smarter.


The installers could then put our promise to the test by playing a simple game online. The game was impossible to finish for installers who didn’t drink the potion. Those who did were able to finish, and, hence, were obviously smart enough to learn everything about the Niko connected switch. And, more importantly, smart enough to make their customers’ electrical installations effortlessly smart as well.


The impact

Our little stunt yielded electrifying results! Not only did the potion become a trending joke on social media, installers even started bragging about their increased intelligence on social networks as well. And, to top it all off, the lab theme, the packaging design and the overall look and feel of the campaign were a rich source of inspiration for multiple events and trade fair booths.