How we doubled Vasco’s number of organic visitors

For over thirty years now, Vasco has been a household name in the designer radiator, floor heating and ventilation systems industry. About three years ago, Vasco teamed up with Onlyhumans to get their content marketing right. And it’s been an exciting journey, to say the least.

Four languages

When should you vent your radiators? Is a humidifier really necessary? What’s the best heating system for the bedroom? The Vasco blog answers virtually any question you may have about heating or ventilation. And it’s packed with inspirational content, too. Visitors can have their pick from four languages – Dutch, French, German and English – to boot.

A pat on the back from Google

Imagine this. Months after you’ve posted a whole series of interesting articles, your target audience still hasn’t read any of them simply because they can’t seem to find them. What a waste, right?
That’s why we always spice up our content with a healthy dose of SEO. If one of Vasco’s blog articles answers a question, it will appear among the top search results when Vasco’s target audience googles that question. Occasionally, Google even displays Vasco content in something called a ‘knowledge box’: a concise answer to a question that appears at the top of the search results. It’s Google’s way of rewarding relevant content with increased visibility and, hence, greater reach.

Let’s talk results!

Our digital efforts have paid off: