Online Influencer Meetup

Onlyhumans is joining forces with Belgian Mums, and you are cordially invited to attend our online Influencer Meetup. Together with our customer who specializes in chrysanthemum bulbs, we have carefully selected 15 influencers – yes, you are one of them: feel free to do a happy dance! – who will get the chance to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of chrysanthemums and co-create our next campaign.

Congrats on making it this far!

What to expect from this virtual get-together? An interesting chat with us and your fellow influencers – and a chance to reel in a partnership with one of Belgium’s most renowned plant nurseries.

Who will be joining the convo?
A select group of influencers and content creators like yourself. Two or three of our Humans will be coordinating the conversation, too.

Where’s the online party at?
The online Influencer Meetup will take place via Skype. During the group chat, we will ask everyone to take turns sharing their screen.

When to attend?
The online Influencer Meetup will start at 19h00 on Wednesday, 12 June. You will receive a Skype invitation from us a few days before the chat will take place.

What’s going to happen?

First of all, we will introduce ourselves and tell you why you are among the selected few to attend this exclusive online event. We will also explain the scope of the group chat in a nutshell.

Then it’s time to work it, baby! Equipped with your mini presentation, you get to show us and your fellow influencers and content creators your most creative side during an intense (but casual) brainstorming session. Impress us with your innovative idea(s) and don’t hesitate to let yourself be inspired by your co-brainstormers.

To conclude our chat, we will give you a heads-up on what to expect after the Meetup.

Why you simply can’t miss out!

  • This virtual Influencer Meetup is an excellent opportunity to network and get to know fellow influencers and content creators.
  • You will put yourself on the map – with Onlyhumans and our customer G. as well as with any of our agency’s future customers.
  • You can let your creative imagination run wild.
  • A partnership with a renowned plant nursery may be in the pipeline.

Eager to attend? Register ASAP!

Places are limited so be sure to fill out the form below promptly to secure your spot. Registration will end on Wednesday, June 5.

We look forward to hearing from you.