A Rumbly in your tumbly from Vandemoortele’s tasty content strategy?Onlyhumans is to blame!

Anyone in Belgium who appreciates good food knows Vandemoortele. Remember the yummiest fries, the tastiest pancakes and the most surprising of salads you ever tasted? Chances are they were created with the help of Vandemoortele’s wide range of frying oils, culinary oils and vinaigrettes. Hungry for more? Then you’ll be pleased to hear Vandemoortele cherishes some interesting plans for the future. To realize their ambitions as a premium brand, however, they did require a new website with a refreshing design and crisp content. Say what? Why, those are two of our specialties!

A fresh and inspiring online identity

Vandemoortele is a household name in the world of cooking. But that does not mean the brand relies on old habits. Vandemoortele has never stopped reinventing itself, bringing an innovative and inspiring online brand identity to the table today, based on its new brand book and developed by Onlyhumans. The objective? To present Vandemoortele to the world as a fresh and, above all, inspiring brand for anyone who loves cooking well without too much hassle.

An appealing and user-friendly website

The Vandemoortele website’s user-friendliness initially left much to be desired. The navigation structure was rather messy and many pages were riddled with error messages. Visitors had a hard time finding what they were looking for leaving the website prematurely. Furthermore, the site was hardly on the right track in terms of SEO.

Onlyhumans cooked up a whole new website with a clear structure and subdivisions, making the surfing experience much more intuitive, not to mention pleasant. To strengthen Vandemoortele’s online position, we carried out an extensive SEO optimization as well. Finally, the website’s design, too, was in dire need of some freshening up. Onlyhumans therefore not only boosted the Vandemoortele website on a technical level, but also gave it a much more attractive look.

Content with a twist

Furthermore, the Vandemoortele website was not exactly the bee’s knees content-wise either. To set things straight, Onlyhumans came up with a content plan and a content strategy based on a target group analysis, an intent mapping and insight interviews. The results showed that website visitors were not only looking for inspiration, but also for information about Vandemoortele’s various products.

As you’re reading this, the new Vandemoortele website is filled to the brim with original but simple recipes and basic preparations, supplemented with interesting facts about the Vandemoortele product range and tips for anyone looking to experiment in the kitchen. Finally, we also claimed a spot for Vandemoortele as a fresh and inspiring brand on social media, posting great cooking tips and ideas.