How we warmed up the crowd for Vaillant

When you think of boilers, the Vaillant logo – a front-facing hare – is perhaps one of the first things that comes to mind. After all, Vaillant has been the market leader in heating technology for many years. Determined to claim their spot as a thought leader in the field of ecological heating as well – a hot topic in every sense of the word these days – the company called in the help of Onlyhumans.

Vaillant Case Header Logo Curve

Whisper-quiet, efficient and eco-friendly

To promote their heat pumps, Vaillant puts forward three unique selling points: efficiency, whisper-quiet performance and eco-friendliness. Basing ourselves on those USPs, we set up a fascinating and comprehensive campaign spanning both radio and web channels.

Banners Vaillant

Radio commercials with a twist

First, we developed six commercials from scratch (two for each USP), taking care of everything from script to production. Because, let’s face it, heat pumps don’t exactly appeal to the imagination, we made sure to include a twist in every commercial to lighten up the story. A strategy which, if we may say so ourselves, definitely paid off. Feel free to check out the result!


Ads, ads, ads

Have you recently experienced an almost irresistible urge to buy a heat pump from Vaillant while surfing the Internet? Sorry about that! To put our heat pump campaign on the map, we published online advertisements by means of SEA, display advertising and remarketing. We not only made sure the ads showed at the right time for the right target group, but also took care of the ad copy and design.

All clear for landing

Naturally, an ad’s main purpose is to attract clicks and, ideally, direct traffic to relevant pages which in turn generate leads. Yes, we’re talking about landing pages! In charge of those as well, our agency filled each page with strong content designed to maximize the number of conversions.

Let’s get social

If we are to take our mum’s word for it, kids these days do nothing but hang around on social media. And she’s right, as any marketer will confirm, but it’s not just youngsters. Even our grandmothers are happily chatting away on social media nowadays, so we did not hesitate to take the social route with this campaign. Social calendar? Check! Performance plan? Check! The result? Just watch our copywriters at work below …

Social Ad Vaillant

All the way to the top

We did not just target our heat pump story at consumers, by the way, but at installers as well. After all, they are in direct contact with Vaillant’s customer base, recommending and installing the various heat pumps. Hence ‘Vaillant Vedette’, the cycling-themed loyalty campaign we developed specially for Vaillant’s installer audience. The goal?

To motivate installers to register their Vaillant installations and to reward them for their efforts with great prizes, ranging from gadgets to free tickets to sporting events. The very best Vaillant Vedettes are invited to an award show in their honor – the highlight of the campaign and reason enough to ‘cycle’ the extra mile!

Header Vaillant

We were closely involved in the Vaillant Vedette campaign, from working out a communication flow with targeted e-mails (some informative, some serving as subtle reminders), designing all the campaign material in a cycling theme (newsletters, fancy brochures and goodies such as cycling caps and energy bars), to writing copy in cycling jargon. Finally, a tight project follow-up was essential to bring the campaign to a successful conclusion.