Tic Tac



#refreshingmoments: how our social media content put Tic Tac back on the map

To give Tic Tac a ‘fresh’ online face and make the brand top of mind for millennials, Ferrero called in the help of Onlyhumans. Having successfully collaborated with influencer Henri PFR for Tic Tac in the past, we are now pulling out all the stops to accelerate millennials’ online awareness of Tic Tac with a social media campaign that hits the mark on more than one level.

About a year ago, things got eerily silent around Tic Tac Belgium’s Facebook page. Today, all the ‘likers’ are continuously commenting on Tic Tac’s colourful posts and sharing them with their friends. What happened, you ask?

A fun concept carried out on three different levels: awareness, reach and engagement.

This approach not only ensures that a lot of young people are (re)discovering Tic Tac, but also makes the brand a recurring part of their daily online lives.

Those refreshing moments

Although many children and (young) adults were already familiar with Tic Tac, they often had little affinity with the brand. By personalizing the product into a funny figure and linking it to the small ‘refreshing moments‘ in life we all experience from time to time, we made the brand instantly recognizable while significantly raising awareness.

We measured the effect of our campaigns via ad recall or ad reminders. To maximize our reach, we gave our awareness campaigns an extra boost by supporting them with reach campaigns. Thanks to sophisticated targeting, we were able to quickly achieve a decent reach within the predefined target group.

Keeping it in motion

And it didn’t end there. As we felt merely filling a Facebook page with graphics and descriptions of ‘refreshing moments’ lacked the necessary stopping power, we introduced some variation into our posts using animations and interactive messages. By conveying a wide array of emotions as vividly as possible, we got Tic Tac’s Facebook fans more involved. The result? A massive amount of likes, shares and comments! Which goes to show that increasing interaction is not a matter of raising the number of posts but rather a question of offering fans the quality they deserve.

A relationship built on trust

The interplay between our three types of posts yielded amazing results. The number of Tic Tac fans increased significantly and some messages were liked up to 4,000 times. Fun fact: Ferrero recently decided to continue and expand their collaboration with us!

We still got plenty in the pipeline, so stay tuned! Perhaps you’ve already noticed we’re currently giving Tic Tac’s Instagram account a make-over? In addition, we’re hatching a new musical campaign aimed at millennials. That moment when someone pays you a sincere compliment and you feel the ideas just come bubbling up …#refreshingmoments