Telenet Kickstart

Following a successful collaboration in 2014, Telenet once again challenged Onlyhumans to convince aspiring startups to join their Telenet Kickstart incubator programme, and to set up a content campaign covering the startups’ exciting journey.

Creative content campaign

To reach out to entrepreneurs-to-be, we created a fun online video campaign and distributed it using social media, native advertising and various Telenet channels. Our seeding efforts resulted in over 188 high-potentials signing up for the accelerator programme, and … Onlyhumans being awarded a Digital Marketing Award for Best Performing Video, too. Mission accomplished indeed!


Next, to support the acquisition process, we created a responsive campaign website informing applicants on the program contents, selection procedure and registration. The challenge: converting startup-leads into qualitative applications.

Content coverage

Once Telenet had selected 8 promising startups to participate in the programme, we made sure to follow the startups’ every move with an online content campaign, all the while highlighting Telenet’s leading role in the booming Belgian startup landscape.

The #startuprevolution

To stimulate digital entrepreneurship in Flanders, Telenet launched the Telenet Kickstart accelerator programme. Onlyhumans then created a video documenting the inspiring journey Telenet Kickstart’s young entrepreneurs embarked on, transforming their dreams and ideas into startup success stories.