Taste our top recipe for Vandemoortele’s influencer marketing

The one question people keep asking chef and influencer Sofie Dumont? Which oils she uses in her dishes. What better opportunity, then, for us to promote Vandemoortele’s two new oil mixtures, one for cold and one for warm preparations? Hence our influencer marketing campaign, starring Sofie Dumont both in Dutch and French, on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Specifically, Sofie surprised two families at their homes with a Foodbag meal box. Together, they prepared some very tasty dishes right in front of our hungry camera man.

Case VDM 06

Sofie says ‘oui’ to ‘huiles’

The four recipes used by Sofie and the two families were published on the Vandemoortele website. They are all a family needs to prepare two tasty snacks and two healthy main courses, even when pressed for time. Feeling peckish yet?

Vandemoortele’s new oils, naturally, play a crucial role in preparing each dish. The oil for cold preparations is ideal for dressings and dips. The oil for warm preparations is perfect for stewing, baking and roasting. How practical! Because Sofie is bilingual and known in both parts of the country, she was clearly the influencer par excellence for this ‘cooking at home’ campaign.

Case VDM 03

Like giving candy to a foodie

The campaign was aimed at people who love cooking, baking and good food. Foodies, if you will. We worked out a social plan, the first month of which we spent distributing trailers of the videos in both languages via Facebook ads and YouTube skippable ads. We shared the four dishes on Instagram and Facebook, a step-by-step recipe included.

For Instagram, we created Instagram Story ads with boomerangs that show Sofie working her magic with Vandemoortele oil. Firstly, the aim was to allow interested parties to watch the full video on the Vandemoortele website. But, of course, we also wanted users to click through to the recipe pages, where the videos feature prominently as well.

A smooth campaign for two oils

In just five weeks – the campaign ran from March 2 to April 5 – we reached over a million Belgians. In addition, we generated over 21,000 clicks to the website. On YouTube, we achieved a view-through rate of 40%. That means a whopping 40% of people who saw the video watched it for at least half a minute. The click-through rate via Facebook wasn’t too shabby either, being somewhere between 1.7% and 5.46%. And there’s more where that came from! The Instagram Stories resulted in no fewer than 3,500 swipe-ups – and all that on a limited budget of 600 euros! The CPC was more or less thirteen eurocents.

A cooking campaign in corona times

The campaign was just about to end when the lockdown in Belgium started. Suddenly, people had time aplenty for cooking and paid even more attention to social media. Two solid reasons for us to extend the campaign. Indeed, we managed to reach out to even more people – even though campaigning during hard times is not an obvious choice to make. The result? Another successful marketing campaign and another satisfied customer. Yay!

Did we get your taste buds going? Are you hungry for results just like these? Drop us a line or give us a call. We’re more than happy to devise a successful influencer campaign for you!