Suzuki takes the (online) road to success

Every year, Suzuki gains more than two million customers around the world. Known far and wide for its reliable vehicles, the Japanese brand has a strong presence in Belgium as well. And we like to think we have a little something to do with that, as Suzuki has been collaborating with Onlyhumans for more than five years now. Our task? Transforming the car giant’s offline campaigns into successful online formats.

Branded to non-branded

Before we got our hands on it, the Suzuki website was built around branded content which mainly consisted of information about car models, special features and promotions. We, however, knew that Suzuki offers consumers so much more. Rather than just manufacturing and selling cars, the brand turns cars into an experience. Their only problem was getting their customers to understand that – enter Onlyhumans.

Instead of devoting blog articles to specific cars, we took a different approach by creating useful content for any driver – no matter their brand of car –, from a step-by-step guide to reverse parking to tips on how to wash a car. The result of our non-branded content? Suzuki saw their number of visitors skyrocket.

Technical SEO optimization ensured that non-branded content scored in all areas.

Once the SEO fundamentals to help Suzuki gain a solid online position were in place, it was time for some Search Engine Advertising to complement and strengthen Suzuki’s offline campaigns.

The next step?

Facebook marketing. Unknown terrain for the car manufacturer, a playground for Onlyhumans. By taking care of Suzuki’s social channels as well, we became the brand’s preferred digital partner.

Onlyhumans is more than a digital service provider. We consider them our digital partner.

“The agency is an extension of the Suzuki team and isn’t afraid to think ahead. Their communication is to-the-point, their mentality of the no-nonsense kind. And they’ve got only one goal in mind: results! We couldn’t ask for more.”

Through the roof

So how about those results? They speak for themselves:

  • The number of leads increased considerably, both in terms of search and social channels.
  • In four years’ time, the number of visitors to the website more than doubled.
  • Within the same period, the Suzuki social campaigns had an ROI of 46 percent.

Over the years, we managed to provide Suzuki with as many online followers as the large offline audience they first started with. It goes to show that the most successful campaigns are always a healthy mix of offline and online.

Suzuki’s creative synergy

Situated in a middle segment characterized by tough competition, spreading the word about the Suzuki experience even further will no doubt be challenging. But what’s not to love about a challenge, right? We can’t wait to generate even more creative synergy between Suzuki’s offline and online campaigns. Let’s roll!