Rebranding Hoogstraten: quality with an appeal to match

Veiling Hoogstraten is a Belgian fruit and vegetable auction house especially famous for its delicious strawberries. Until recently, however, these strawberries actually posed a problem for Veiling Hoogstraten. The auction house, which sells many different types of fruit and vegetables, did not want to market itself merely as a B2C brand for strawberries. Moreover, Hoogstraten, while an internationally renowned B2B brand, did not really have an image to match. But that’s all in the past now. Lo and behold, the fruits of our collaboration.

Bailing Hoogstraten

The first problem Veiling Hoogstraten faced was their name. ‘Veiling’ (the Dutch word for auction) is not the easiest word to pronounce in international circles, after all. In Spain, it sounds like ‘bailing’ or ‘bailar’, which means something else entirely … 💃🏻 In addition, the brand’s image did not reflect the quality of its product offer. Indeed, Veiling Hoogstraten is, not least on the international market, a quality mark for fruit and vegetables. But because the Hoogstraten name has become so recognizable, a completely new brand name was out of the question. It was clear that simply removing the word ‘Veiling’ offered the best solution, and the customer agreed. In the next steps, we devoted all our time and attention to the brand’s new visual appearance.

Logo becomes quality mark

While the brand name changed only slightly, the Hoogstraten branding got a solid make-over. The green leaf of the logo reflects the freshness and quality of the produce auctioned at Hoogstraten. The eggplant colour serves as a warm backdrop, providing a delicate contrast to the fresh green. Because Hoogstraten sells so many different products (from tomatoes and bell peppers to strawberries and cucumbers), we expanded the colour palette to – literally – highlight their wide array of fruit and veg. The logo remained the consistent element in the branding, acting as a quality mark on the different coloured backgrounds which vary depending on the product.

Listen once, listen twice

Ultimately, our collaboration with Hoogstraten came down to good listening to truly understand the client’s needs. While a new name initially seemed the goal, it soon became apparent that a radical name change would not be appropriate. This collaboration is striking proof of how a naming process should not always involve major shifts in order to succeed. For Hoogstraten, a subtle name change and a new logo identity appealing to a broad audience were the ideal breeding ground for success. Sometimes, it simply comes down to crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. The i’s in ‘bailing’. 😉

Lieze S Profile 01
lieze stevens
graphic designer
tom andries
creative partner
arne duez
arne duez
thomas heylen
digital designer

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