Never again

An extremely efficient tool for nail biters looking to quit their bad habit, Raylex is a pen you use to apply the world’s most bitter taste to your nails (or what is left of them). And when we say bitter, we mean bitter! How bitter, you ask? Let’s say you’ll remember the next time you nibble at your nails for a long time to come. And you’ll bite your nails never again …

Goodbye, nail biting!

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t let you hyper-target nail biters (yet). So, if you want your messages to reach nail biters, you’re going to have to present a broad audience with content so engaging that they’ll automatically want to share it with their nail-biting friends and family. Content like the videos below, for instance, which we shared both on Facebook and YouTube. People may find the taste of Raylex absolutely appalling, but they sure loved our video campaign.

After a mere couple of days, our Facebook video featuring Aube had already been shared over 1,600 times in France alone. That’s right: you read ‘shared’, not ‘viewed’.

Acting talent not required for this video campaign

We put five young people in front of a high-speed camera. We asked them to apply Raylex and then bite their nails. Everything else happened quite naturally.

Do try this at home. Trust us!