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Getting inside the millennial mind

In a world where news mostly spreads through social media and smartphone, Het Nieuwsblad reaches out to millennials in the form of a free app, keeping them both informed and entertained.

Check. Read. Repeat.

Creating a news app is one thing, getting users to install it and use it morning to night is a completely different beast. The key question here was: how can we entice Millennials to install the Het Nieuwsblad app and get them to skim through the latest news several times a day, each day of the week?

Fact-free app branding, bursting with emotion.

When two people are having a conversation about an article they both read, they’re not really exchanging information. After all, they both know all the facts already. News-related chats are not so much about the news as they are about the different emotions it evokes. Ranging from utter excitement over outrage to sheer sadness, conversations about the news can take many turns without mentioning even a single fact. With this insight in mind, Onlyhumans set up a branding campaign that consists of emotional yet news-free dialogues on the latest news. Millennial terms and phrases included, of course.

So, how’s that news-free-news-dialogue thing working out for you?

Based on the number of downloads in the six months preceding the campaign, a target was set for the next six months. So far, in three months’ time, the campaign has generated 2/3 of the targeted number of downloads. (And that is a fact.)

News-free, emotional conversations about the latest news?
They go a little something like this.