How we put MAES’ energy & mobility solutions on the map!

Not to be confused with the top-selling beer brand, MAES is one of the bigger players in the fuel market. MAES has over 1000 filling stations in the Benelux and is renowned for its excellent service. Customers can rely on MAES for quick petrol stops as well as other types of fuels, gases, lubricants and greases. Your electric car needs charging? MAES has got you covered. What’s more, the brand offers fuel cards with loads of advantages for both private customers and businesses. They even have a MAES Mobility Card, which allows business owners to easily manage all of their staff’s mobility costs. How on earth is MAES able to communicate all those different benefits to their (potential) customers, you ask? That’s where Onlyhumans comes in!

Unknown, therefore unloved

The first thing Onlyhumans did for MAES was develop a new strategy based on one very important question: who is MAES and what do they stand for? It soon became clear that we had a two-fold task ahead of us. On the one hand, we had to further develop the MAES brand, so as to introduce MAES to a wider audience. On the other hand, we had to find a way to increase the number of applications for company fuel cards. Naturally, we didn’t hesitate to pull out all the stops.

Full steam ahead for a mobile future

To strengthen the MAES brand, the Onlyhumans design team developed a new house style and logo to be used on flags, trucks, stationery, POS material and the MAES fuel cards.
Depicting freedom, progress and movement, the new logo fits MAES’ future-oriented vision perfectly. At the same time, the new corporate identity comes with a playful wink to the past by retaining the traditional MAES colors.

“Onlyhumans has made an important contribution to our new marketing strategy, both online and offline.”
Gilbert, Board of Directors Member at MAES

Next up for a make-over was the MAES website, which we optimized and gave a more contemporary look. The website is now much more user-friendly and offers a number of new features such as a Station Finder and a more accessible application form for fuel cards. What’s more, blog articles are regularly published to attract more visitors.

To increase the number of requests for fuel cards, we went beyond just making the application form more user-friendly. We also updated the landing pages, so that the Always-On Campaign – including AdWords and Social Media marketing and remarketing – immediately directs visitors to the correct answers.

Did our efforts bear fruit? They sure did! Requests for fuel cards increased by no less than 43.72%.

To be continued

Our story with MAES continues. The Onlyhumans creative team has designed several animations which will feature on digital signs in MAES service stations and is working on new animations as we speak. Online content for MAES also continues to run smoothly. Our final destination together? Stay tuned to learn more!