How we turned Kambukka into a brand that’s ready to conquer the world

A line of innovative drinking bottles for dynamic people on the go: that’s Kambukka for you! Determined to kick off the new year in style, Bibo Brands launched a whole new line of drinking bottles in early 2019, which they named Kambukka. To conquer the market – and by extension the whole world – at a record pace, the ambitious brand called on Onlyhumans to create a strong brand promise.

New branding: who dis?

Kambukka offers a wide range of drinking bottles which are not only inventive in terms of design, but also extremely functional, making life just that little bit better for all of us. Bearing these qualities in mind, Onlyhumans got cracking to develop a completely new brand world for Kambukka. The result? A young, playful and dynamic branding strategy which we presented in the form of a brand book, the Kambukka style bible, if you will. It contains all the information the brand needs to win the heart of every drinking bottle enthusiast in the world. Not particularly fond of drinking bottles, you say? Together with Onlyhumans, Kambukka is determined to convince you otherwise!


Let’s get visual

To give their story the extra ‘umpf’, Onlyhumans translated Kambukka’s brand promise into a visual corporate identity. We opted for a recurring tone-on-tone theme for all 3D visuals we developed for Kambukka’s different communication channels, from displays, brochures, exhibition booths and business-to-business catalogues to presentations. We even used the idea to give the Kambukka offices a make-over. The Kambukka website, too, will soon be overhauled by our designers. Furthermore, we applied the tone-on-tone concept to special gift boxes we developed to stimulate the consumer’s curiosity and to create the necessary buzz around the launch, extending the brand story to Kambukka’s merchandise as well.

Express your thirst

To finish the brand story in style, Onlyhumans worked out a tone of voice that – check out the brand book! – is playful and a little bit cheeky, just like Kambukka. For the slogan, we opted for “Express your thirst” because, ultimately, that is what a Kambukka drinking bottle helps you do: to express yourself as you are and to show the world that you have an insatiable thirst for more. To market Kambukka as a brand with an attitude, we came up with a number of bold taglines in addition to the slogan. Kambukka currently uses the tone-of-voice for all their communications.

Motion ads for coffee fans

In addition to hip water bottles, Kambukka sells the coolest coffee mugs. Mind you, despite their coolness, they keep your cuppa joe hot for hours without a single drop escaping the thermos – a must-have feature for coffee drinkers on the go.

KAM Case Visual 1700px

Since each coffee lover swears by a different brew, from homemade Bialetti to the local coffee bar’s signature cappuccino, we launched a social media campaign with ads aiming at multiple audiences. Men and women were directed to different landing pages, too, which were built around soft and colourful bottles versus bottles with a more masculine appeal. Our designers developed both static and motion ads. The subtle movements visible in the latter, such as steam coming from a professional coffee machine, provided extra ‘stopping power’.

The purpose of our Facebook and Instagram campaigns? Raising more awareness about Kambukka’s amazing coffee mugs and increasing conversions by means of a “free s (h) ipping” promo. And boy, have we succeeded!