Flexible branding for Var: 1 media agency servicing 8 VRT brands

Var, plans and sells media space for all of the VRT’s radio, TV and digital channels. A household name in the Belgian media sector, Var often appears alongside eight strong and very different VRT brands. How then, could Var become a visually powerful brand in its own right?

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Wanted: chameleon

Our biggest challenge was to make Var shine alongside the eight strong VRT brands, without visually competing with them. In addition, the look-and-feel of the VRT sub-brands varies greatly, from classical music station Klara to its undeniably hip counterpart Studio Brussels. Var needed a flexible branding system that adapts to its environment like a chameleon.

Eight brands, eight colours

The identity concept is based on a continuous line that symbolises broadcasting, the connection between Var and the VRT brands, and the interactions the brands have with their specific target audiences. The eight colour variations of the Var logo adjust themselves to the specific colours of each VRT channel, reflecting the strong bond between the sub-brand and Var.

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Drawing the Var line

We incorporated the signature branding for Var into all of the brand’s visual expressions, including an extensive set of symbols and figures in true Var style. Even outsiders are able to recognise Var communications at a glance. For the layouts, we developed ready-made graphic lines which you can crop, colour and rotate as desired. The creative possibilities are endless! We made sure to include a user guide for graphics and visuals as well – key words: colour, diversity and energy.

To the letter

Var’s font also received a thorough makeover. To create a more dynamic vibe, we opted for a modern yet simple typeface. The lines and colours remain the stars of the branding show, the font not stealing too much of the attention.

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About sonic branding: soniQ

When Var launched a happening about the role of sonic branding and their new ‘smart impact measuring’ tool, we named the event soniQ – a playful nod to ‘sonic’ and ‘IQ’. What ‘intelligent sound’ sounds like? We revealed that on the spot by presenting five clips of the logo transforming under the influence of sound. Check out what that looked (and sounded) like: