Euro-Premium’s new website: for happy pets and their owners

Every dog owner knows that keeping their four-legged friend in top shape starts with qualitative pet food. Belgian dog food manufacturer Euro-Premium agrees, offering an extensive range of high-quality dry food. Dogs love it, but how about their owners? To help dog owners find the way to their brand, Euro-Premium called on Onlyhumans.

A site that could do with a pinch of Oh magic

While dogs need little convincing when it comes to Euro-Premium’s food offer, their owners didn’t exactly share the same enthusiasm when they visited the old Euro-Premium website. The reason?
The website’s look and feel was dated, for one, and its user-friendliness was substandard. Loading speed was too slow, SEO optimisation was absent and URL structures were messy. It was high time for a change.

Going the extra mile

Naturally, we did more than just solve the problems mentioned above. First of all, we carried out extensive research to map the site’s user flow and the customer journey. This allowed us to pin-point the needs and expectations of Euro-Premium’s (potential) customers and determine which features would be indispensable. Next, our design team created wireframes which we then tested, adjusted and tested some more. Finally, our developers got cracking. The result was a brand-new website that is now the hub of all of Euro-Premium’s digital and online communications.

Personalized content for each pet owner

The new website focuses on the needs of various visitors, providing each pet owner with personalized and relevant content. The new blog enables Euro-Premium to easily publish content as well as integrate products and special promotions. The user-friendly product filter helps owners find the right food for their dog, including testimonials and a search engine that directs them to the nearest point of sale. In short, Euro-Premium is now a satisfied customer who has all the tools to further develop their own website as their business continues to grow.