Blavier and Onlyhumans: collaboration built on a sturdy foundation

There’s no place like home – and that’s something construction company Blavier knows better than anyone. Their mission? Building unique turnkey homes, tailor-made to each customer. If the name Blavier sounds familiar to you, Blavier’s collaboration with Onlyhumans (which started back in 2010), may have something to do with that. Anyone who Googles “huis bouwen” (Dutch for “build home”) is bound to come across the Blavier website.

Custom landing pages for each visitor

A company that builds dream homes naturally wants potential customers to feel right at home when they reach the company website. Therefore, in 2012, we started developing intent pages. In short, we built a number of landing pages and filled them with dynamic content adapted to the search terms the visitors used, so that each and everyone of them immediately wound up on a page that fitted their needs perfectly.

A relationship built on trust

Years of collaborating with Blavier have resulted in a solid relationship that is built on trust. Onlyhumans understands Blavier’s main objectives like no one else and can therefore spot and seize opportunities instantly. To us, this partnership is not about ticking off to-do’s. It’s about developing a long-term strategy together with the client to ensure Blavier’s story gets the online attention it deserves.

How we go about that? By developing intent pages, for one, but also by making structural improvements to the Blavier website. We simplified the catalogue’s downloading process, which dramatically increased the number of conversions, and up to this day we’re still creating inspiring blog content on a regular basis. Recently, we also started focusing on longreads: elaborate blog articles packed with concrete information and tips that really appeal to building enthusiasts.

Results to be proud of

The number of monthly applications for Blavier’s Dutch catalogue increased by as much as 254% in four years’ time, from January 2014 to January 2018. Monthly applications for the French version of the catalogue increased by 235% over the same period. The number of conversions via intent pages increased by – brace yourself – a whopping 3025%.

The number of organic visitors, too, skyrocketed (+216%) within four years. Finally, the number of visitors who organically landed on intent pages even grew by a staggering 402%.

Stunning results … to be continued!