Anyone can invest  thanks to our impressive online campaign for BinckBank  

The fastest growing investor bank in Europe, BinckBank takes its ‘Anyone can invest!’ moto seriously. Always looking for ways to expand the BinckBank investor familythey came to us with one question: how can we convince tomorrow’s investors to take the plunge today?  

The Binck Challenge 

A great question! We felt handing out € 20,000 might do the trick. No strings attached, apart from one condition: the money could only be used on the stock market. It was an offer no one could refuse, not to mention an ideal experiment to prove that, indeed, anyone can invest. Ultimately, this is how the Binck Challenge came to be: a competition between three investors who, each relying on their own strategy, invest € 20,000 on the stock market aiming for the highest possible profit – which they got to keep after the challenge ended 

Wanted: Charlie Chill, Samuel Split and Elliott Expert 

Once BinckBank approved the concept, it was time for the next step: finding candidates with an interesting investor profile. To this end, we designed a mini website where participants could register for the challenge. 

Each candidate had to specify with which of our three personas they identified the mostFor example, there was self-investor Elliot Expert who invests using his own knowledge and prefers to place his orders himself. 

Charlie Chillby contrast, was a leave-it-to-the-pros investor‘ who is happy to let the bank manage his assetsAnd finally, there was Samuel Split: a ‘co-investor who prefers to invest half of his capital himself and has the bank manage the other half. 

Video production and content 

Next, the challenge got real. We rolled out our online campaign by launching banners into the Google Display Network anby sharing an announcement video of the three candidates on social media. Onlyhumans was in charge of both the campaign video and the photo shoot, and created all social content as well. 

We also provided regular updates (text and videoon the mini website. Finally, we promoted our campaign by organizing various sub-competitions in which loyal followers could win interesting prizes, including € 5,000 to start investing themselves.