AUSY: strong employer branding by focusing on soft skills 

‘AUSY, a Randstad company’ is a one-stop shop responding to the needs of numerous companies in HR, engineering, finance, sales and marketing, life sciences and IT. But, from time to time, AUSY itself can do with a little push as well. Enter Onlyhumans. We pulled out all the stops to make AUSY’s rebranding known to the world and market AUSY as one of the most appealing employers today. A two-fold challenge, for which we gladly put our very best soft and hard skills to the test.

Awareness vs. employer branding 

To kick off with aawareness campaign, anin a second phase make AUSY top-of-mind with consultants and freelancers? Or vice versa: to start by strengthening the employer brand and then tackle the rebranding partAfter careful consideration, we resolutely opted for a well-thought-out combination of both objectives. 

Soft skills on top of expertise 

What made us so confident in our decision, you asksimple yet smart insight that surfaced during our strategic brainstorm. It seemed quite evident to us that consultants – specialists in their own right  have all the necessary knowledge and expertise in their field. So we asked ourselves what exactly distinguishes AUSY consultants from their colleagues. The answer: their soft skillsA real AUSY will always stand out thanks to a special set of personal qualities and social skills. 

A real AUSY  

Thnext step was translating our insights into a strong creative concept that enabled us to give AUSY the human face which distinguishes the AUSY  brand from the business focus that is so characteristic of the sector today. 

An intense creative brainstorm about soft skills resulted in a brand-new slogan: “AUSY, it’s you!”

AUSY’s new tagline beautifully expresses how a person’s natural soft qualities can be their unique asset at work 

Filming the AUSY life as it is 

Our social campaign for AUSY included four short and recognizable videos – featuring real AUSY employees! – which each shine the spotlight on a team member. Whether they’re at work or doing something in their spare time, AUSY employees always master the situation by putting the right soft skill to good use. Showing how an AUSY tackles challenges just a little bit differently than others would, adapting instantly to each turn of events and switching from plan A to B, C or even D without even blinking, each video ends with a short but powerful call-to-action: “Join #teamAUSY”.

Like recruiter Eveline, who’s always prepared to take the alternative route when cooking at home.
Or project manager and nature lover Kevin, a born leader who knows exactly how to enthuse just about anyone – both indoors and outdoors.

Strategy, concept, production and content 

The campaign was rolled out on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter, and supported by banners in the Google Display NetworkWorking in three phases, we focused on awareness, engagement and traffic. 

Next to developing the concept, Onlyhumans was in charge of producing the four campaign videos and the photo shoot, and for creating all social content.