A bigger piece of the digital pie and more leads for Upstairs

With more than twenty years of experience in stair renovation, family business Upstairs can proudly call themselves a household name. Both offline and online, that is, thanks to Onlyhumans.

Growing together

Thanks to a cross-media strategy combining television and print with online campaigns, Upstairs is a well-known brand in the Netherlands. In Belgium and Germany, too, Upstairs’ excellent reputation is spreading fast. Working together, Upstairs and Onlyhumans have learned a lot from each other. What once started as a modest collaboration is now a hundred percent integrated digital partnership.

Extending the marketing department

Everything digital summarizes our approach to Upstairs perfectly. Our developers keep the Upstairs website running smoothly, while our designers work their magic to make it look as beautiful as can be. Human marketers take care of the promotional end, making Google fall in love with Upstairs over and over again. And it doesn’t stop there. Our copywriters, too, lend Upstairs’ marketing department a helping hand by writing inspiring articles and releasing them into the worldwide web.

“Next to sharing their online expertise with us, Onlyhumans gives us valuable advice on our offline campaigns. We’ve been working with them for more than 5 years now, and with good reason!”
Janske Michiels, Marketing Manager

Among other things, Onlyhumans has successfully provided Upstairs with:

  • A user-friendly website that informs thousands of visitors every month.
  • Inspiring and in-depth blog articles that answer any questions customers may have.
  • A top position in Google. You can’t google ‘traprenovatie’ and not stumble upon Upstairs. Just try it!

Let’s talk results!

Our digital efforts proved to be fruitful: