Web development that makes everyone feel right at home on your website

There’s no place like a homepage. Our web developers know that only too well. Their mission? To build unique, user-friendly websites that make our customers’ customers feel right at home and encourage them to convert with total confidence – and without even the slightest bit of frustration.

From gut feeling to Bootstrap

Websites that have a dated look-and-feel, offer substandard user-friendliness, load slower than a snail, have a messy navigation structure and ditto SEO strategy … They’re any web developer’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, our team knows a thing or two about Java – the programming language, not the coffee.

To deliver top-notch websites that are completely bug-free and, above all, tailored to the people who visit it, our developers effortlessly translate their gut feeling into JavaScript + jQuery, html5 and CSS3.

Web development for every customer journey

Before your website is good and ready to go live, a lot goes on behind the scenes. Together with our web designers, our web developers first make sure they agree on a clear vision, so that your website will ultimately rank high in Google’s search results as well as appeal to anyone who visits it.

As soon as the designers and developers see eye to eye concerning the information architecture and the interaction design – after all, a good website does more than just sit there and look pretty – they offer you, the customer, a taste of what to expect by means of wireframes. Once those have received your sign of approval, our web developers get started on the real deal. Applying thoughtful navigation structures, personalized landing pages and all the technical bells and whistles to guarantee a flawless performance, they ultimately set up a website of which each pixel is perfectly tailored to the customer journey.

User-friendly navigation structures

Your website will probably attract different types of visitors and most likely serve multiple purposes. Worried your potential customers will not be able to see the wood for the trees? Our web developers know exactly how to set up a user-friendly navigation structure that will seal the deal.

Just like they recently did for Euro-Premium, our developers will first conduct a thorough investigation to map the user flow and customer journey. They will then determine which features are indispensable to your website, and accordingly implement a navigation structure and search filters to help your visitors find what they’re looking for in the blink of an eye.

Personalized landing pages

These days, nothing beats a personalized landing page to make a visitor feel immediately at home on your website. That’s why we already started developing intent pages back in 2012. Intent pages are landing pages with dynamic content that automatically adjusts itself to the search terms used by the visitor before landing on the page in question. All your website visitors, in other words, end up on a page that seamlessly meets their individual needs.

Load speed & usability

In addition, our web developers will implement all the structural improvements your website needs, including simplifying and speeding up download processes and improving the overall load speed. After all, slow pages are not only a major turn-off for visitors, but for search engines as well! Evidently, our human web developers always strive to create a perfectly responsive design, ensuring your website will do exactly what it’s supposed to do on every screen.

Stimulating meaningful interactions

Consumers are increasingly preoccupied with social issues. That means brand values are more important than ever, as customers expect their favourite brands to take action. Slowly but surely, storytelling becomes storydoing. Brand strategies are prone to change, as are brand websites. Users want to be able to interact intuitively with your website and thus engage in meaningful conversations with your brand – exactly our designers and developers’ cup of tea! From touch and voice navigation to VR and AR, they can handle just about anything.

Always in on the latest trends

Passionate about their profession as they are, our web developers monitor all trends in their industry closely. Thumb-friendly navigation? Asymmetrical and disruptive designs? Check and check! Of course, no innovative technique is ever implemented without keeping in mind the best practices in terms of UX.

For example, our developers have no qualms about working ‘off grid’ (that means deviating from the standard webshop blocks) while still creating a website that is optimally responsive.

All developments big and small

Do you prefer your website small but cosy? Or would you rather launch a multipager? Your wish is our developers’ command! One-pagers, on the one hand, are particularly popular and ideal for mobile devices, because they load super fast and reduce the so-called fat finger syndrome (users who tap the wrong buttons) to a minimum. Multi-page websites, on the other, are your go-to option if you want to concentrate on content and getting leads through organic search results.

Let’s get this website started!

While making sure your new website focuses on your visitors’ needs, we naturally take note of your wishes as well.

We’d love to get to know you better, learn all about your most important objectives and discover your greatest opportunities. Our ultimate goal is not to merely implement the necessary changes to your website, but actively work together with you to boost your online story. At the end of the ride, we will provide you with all the tools you need to further manage and expand your website on your own, should you wish to do so.