Marketing automation: automated yet personal

How to keep your leads warm and have them convert at the right time? The answer to that question used to be guesswork, but today there’s this nifty little thing called marketing automation.

What started as e-mail marketing years ago has since evolved into a total solution in its own right: one package that enables you to manage all your digital channels at once while getting to know your visitors through and through.

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For example, marketing automation allows you to find out which pages your target audience visits, what content interests them and how often they return to your website. What your potential customers had for breakfast might just be the only thing marketing automation software can’t tell you. Still, though, it remains up to people of flesh and blood to actually develop an efficient customer journey and publish striking content to go with it – hi there, at your service!

Take your customer by the hand

Marketing automation is to software as running is to sneakers. However, considering there are hundreds of software packages for marketing automation available these days, we can imagine you may want to check our blog to find out which one suits you best.

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Once you’ve got the right software at hand, we start to map the customer journey you offer. That means we visualize the experiences of the different types of customers who visit your website. We define personas and as well as a strategy to approach them. How do your potential customers move through the marketing funnel? At what point do they drop out? Next, we divide your visitors into groups based on a lead score, indicating their chances of conversion. Put together, all these insights allow you to offer personalized content poured into a crystal-clear content flow.

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Targeted messages then guide your potential customers further into the sales funnel (and thus prevent them from dropping out). From web pages to emails to surveys: every word and image must be adapted to individual readers as only truly convincing messages can pull them all the way across the finish line.

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It’s marketing automation magic!

Have you tried your hand at marketing automation, but to no avail? Or are you not quite sure what to do with all the data your software provides? Team Onlyhumans is happy to assist! Our experts will help you:

  • monitor results and gain insights from Google Analytics.
  • define push campaigns your customers will really want to see.
  • optimize engagement, conversions and traffic to your website.

Excuse me, where are all these data coming from?

Great question! To carry out marketing automation – and hence publish personalized content – we must indeed first have your target audience’s personal data at our disposal.

It's all about creating valuable content your potential customers will go crazy for.

How we plan to collect those data? Think clever e-books, enlightening reports and inspiring use cases. You’ll see: your potential customers will be happy to share their email addresses in exchange for informative gems like these!

In the name of GDPR

The more data you collect, the better the experience you can offer and the more tempted your potential leads will be to make a purchase. Then what about the GDPR, you ask? No worries. You’ll always be in the clear as long as you …

  • Communicate your intentions. Why do you request certain information? How will you be using it? And how can someone agree or decline to share their personal data with you? Honesty is key.
  • Design your systems and processes correctly. For example, pre-filled check boxes are ‘not done’.
  • Provide double opt-ins. That way, you can rest assured you’re getting unambiguous permission to use someone’s personal data.
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Don’t wait for the right person to come across your content at the right time by coincidence. Take matters into your own hands through marketing automation.