Get to know your target group through and through thanks to a Customer Key workshop

As a marketer, defining a target group is your first step towards success. That’s a given. Yet determining what messages you’ll be targeting your audience with – and selecting the right channels to do so – requires you to dig a little deeper. By means of a Customer Key, you can get to know the people that make up your target group like the back of your hand. Here’s how!

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Better experiences, more loyal customers

Every move you make as a brand only has one goal: to improve your customers’ experiences. First and foremost, you need to find out what your customers go crazy for – as well as which things are a turnoff for them.

The point of a Customer Key

Armed with the following insights, our Humans provide your target audience with a more positive brand experience:

  • Understanding the people who make up your target group
  • Defining where there’s a need for fresh content
  • Addressing the pain points in the customer journey
  • Investigating the potential of your business
  • Comparing your online presence with the competition’s

Say what now?

By now, you’re probably eager to find out what exactly a Customer Key leads to. All good things come to those who wait! Depending on your objectives, we will present you with the following:

  • Behavioral research of your target group in Google Analytics
  • A thorough intent mapping that reveals your customers’ intentions
  • A content gap analysis based on search data
  • An online competitor analysis
  • A persona exercise which brings your target audience to life
  • A customer journey mapping

Improving the customer journey

Once you know your target group through and through, you’ve got everything you need to improve the customer journey, to better understand what keeps your customers awake at night, to fine-tune your communication strategy and to expand or reduce your product offer.

Steps towards your Customer Key

  • Intake workshop

    During an intake session, we make sure all expectations – both yours and ours – are in tune. We make an overview of the insights you wish to gain and list the actions we need to take, finally drawing up a clear timeline for the project.

  • Desk research

    In a second stage, we roll up our sleeves and carry out a behavioral research analysis through Google Analytics, as well as an intent mapping and a competitor analysis, the results of which we share with you in a presentation.

  • User interviews

    Next, we take things another step further by creating personas based on both round table discussions and personal conversations with customers and prospects. Evidently, we then pour all insights gained from these interviews into a handy summary report.

  • Customer journey mapping

    Finally, we explore the customer journey together with you during a work session and formulate the necessary recommendations for improvement accordingly.

A great story gains people’s trust. Provided they get to hear it, that is.