Brand strategy and brand design workshops

These days, authentic communication is more important than ever. It is the only way to gain the consumer’s trust and – at least as important – attract and retain loyal employees. For your brand to be able to show its true colours, however, you must properly define its DNA. By means of a Brand Key, we turn your brand inside out and expose its reason for being.

So, what’s your story?

Chances are you’ve already defined your brand identity quite some time ago, but perhaps you feel that it no longer matches who you really are. Or maybe your brand has a split personality no one knows about yet? Whatever your situation, we can help you give your company a more human face and attract more attention because of it!

Steps towards your Brand Key

  • Brand Key workshop

    During an extensive workshop, we zoom in on your brand’s objectives and define both your brand’s purpose and market position. We also make the necessary agreements concerning the follow-up of the Brand Key and draw up a clear timeline.

  • Brand strategy

    A proper brand strategy is like a GPS for your brand: it determines what your brand stands for and where it’s headed next. Basing ourselves on your input, we brainstorm on which kind of image will turn the most heads. We then introduce you to the results of this brand story during a face-to-face presentation, where all feedback is welcome. Finally, we process this information into a brand strategy that meets (even exceeds) all expectations.

  • Brand design

    In the brand design stage, we look for a new brand name that reflects your values or simply sparks curiosity. To do so, we carry out a visual exercise and create a logo, a company style guide and a baseline. We make sure to get every detail just right – from your name over your corporate identity to the tone-of-voice for all your communications.

  • Branding tools

    Naturally, you want to get your new identity out there ASAP. That’s why we wrap up each Brand Key exercise by offering some practical tools to take home, such as a brand bible and a value passport (a booklet that introduces your employees to the new brand values). The brand bible bundles all the information about your brand identity into one handy overview, giving both insiders and outsiders a clear image of your brand DNA.

A connection with customers and among colleagues

A clearly defined brand story ultimately pays for itself. Thanks to recurring style features and by using a common theme throughout your communications, consumers know exactly what your product or service stands for. As a result, they may recognise themselves in your story and consciously choose your brand over the competition’s. Moreover, a strong brand identity enables you to attract new employees who share the same values. A Brand Key is, therefore, the basis of every successful employer branding.

Brands that show their human side are the quickest to win people’s hearts.