Digital advertising: more than just ad campaigns

Your brand may be the bee’s knees, but you still have your work cut out for you if it’s unable to reach its target audience. Advertising – and especially digital advertising – is the fastest way for brands these days to reach the people that matter most to them. Onlyhumans always strives for digital ads that linger …


Story promotion

Your brand deserves a story that fascinates. The kind of story that gets people talking. A story that easily spreads by word of mouth as well as through (paid) online channels: SEA, display advertising, social advertising, native advertising, advertorials, … Whether or not they’re combined with print advertising, each of these digital advertising channels offers unique strengths.

Long-term results

Do you first and foremost associate advertising with campaigns? We don’t. Of course, we do set up our fair share of ad campaigns. But we prefer to consider the long run first. Our approach? Reaching the right audience at the right time, the right place and with the right message. We start by analyzing your target audience’s intentions. Next, we find out which of those intentions your brand already provides an answer to, and where the untapped potential lies. We then pour all that information into inspiring stories and a well-thought-out digital advertising strategy.


Different channels, different strategies

The best way to respond to your audience’s intentions? It varies from customer to customer, really. That’s why Onlyhumans offers the full advertising package. Tailoring our advertising strategy to your goals, we use various channels to get your brand noticed:

  • Advertising on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and other online platforms.
  • Advertising via media partners including Pebble Media, Mediahuis and Roularta.
  • Data-driven targeting and remarketing.
  • Print, radio and TV.



From concept over creation to budget management

Onlyhumans streamlines your advertising from start to finish. Our creatives take care of your banners, landing pages and content, while our strategists watch over your media planning, implementation, (budget) optimization and reporting.