Data analytics tells all

Strong customer relationships: they’re every company’s dream. But you have to earn those relationships, each and every day, by offering your customers something unique. And not just in terms of products and services: we’re talking about fantastic content here too. Content that interests people, that moves them, that answers the questions they’re bound to have.

Search engines are the best scouts

If you want to go to war, you’d better send a scout first. Because without proper information, hitting your mark is going to be impossible. Your scout will tell you everything you need to know about your targets, from their coordinates to their intentions. Which is exactly how search engines like Google work.

When people use search engines, they’ve already made up their minds. Some are still a little hesitant about their decision, others are quite determined. In either case, search engines are indispensable to your story research: they let you know what people are interested in and hence, which topics your stories should include. As digital storytellers, we use Google data analytics to reach your target audience at the right time, the right place, and with the right story.

Seeing the bigger picture

By now you’re probably wondernig how to turn those data into concrete insights that will help you tell your story. A good question! After all, the purpose remains: telling stories that spark people’s interest and help them make the right choice. That’s where intent mapping comes in. We check which search intentions your brand already provides an answer to, and where the untapped potential lies. We then use those insights to tell interesting stories that inspire and activate your target audience.

Google knows a lot. But not everything.

Search engines are filled to the brim with important information. Google knows what keeps people awake at night, what makes them go weak in the knees and what puts a twinkle in their eyes. But the best story research also relies on other sources, like market surveys, (Google) Analytics, email marketing and social media. Before creating our stories, we combine all these data into a targeted strategy. That way, we’re able to give your brand that certain vibe that’s simply impossible to resist.