Videos that tell a story

Having a video go viral is every brand’s dream, as there is no underestimating the impact a video (on social media or the company website) can have on a brand’s image and success. For a video to have the desired effect, however, it must strike the right chord with its target group. Fortunately, years of experience writing excellent scenarios enable our talented team to bring every story to life.

Less talk, more action: our showreel

Naturally, a great scenario written by a talented team is a must-have if you want to launch a video to boost your brand. When it comes to video, however, there’s only so much words can say. Because we believe in less talk and more action, we proudly present our 2018 showreel below. It features our video campaigns for Switch, Tic Tac, Orange, Parentia, BinckBank, Ausy and Het Nieuwsblad.

Video commercials

Do you want to raise more awareness or create sympathy for your brand? A funny, clever or catchy commercial is your go-to solution to efficiently launch a new product or give your brand a strong boost.

Animated video

To treat your target audience to refreshing stories, animated videos offer endless possibilities. Our producers pull out all the stops to create unique animations that convey your message exactly in the way you intended.

Corporate video

If you want to give the world a taste of your dynamic corporate culture or offer potential employees a peek behind the scenes as part of your employer branding, you’ll be needing a corporate video. It’s the perfect means to promote your company and highlight your service and expertise in a less commercial fashion.

Visual storytelling

It takes powerful visual storytelling to let your target audience truly experience what you have to say. Strong and authentic graphics ensure your story is a convincing one and make your message stick.