Our ambition as a creative agency? Producing campaigns that get under your skin

Consumers don’t have it easy these days. Bombarded with information, they’re unable to process everything that’s coming at them.

Yet certain messages do manage to get through and stick with them: a witty remark on Facebook, a captivating photo in a magazine … sometimes even an online advertisement or a billboard they pass on their way home. The secret to these messages? They each consist of the following four ingredients.

Creative concept

Some advertisements are so striking they make you look twice – or even thrice. Finding out who’s the brains behind them may be difficult, but one thing’s for sure: an ad that’s so good that it stops you in your tracks is almost always part of a sophisticated creative campaign concept.

Bring it on!
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Creation & production

The deal is done. You’re completely blown away by our campaign concept and we on our part can’t wait to get cracking! From design to copywriting and video production, at this stage we pull out all the stops to come up with a campaign nobody can ignore.

Ready, set, action!

Digital advertising

No matter how amazing your creative campaign, it won’t get you anywhere if it doesn’t reach the right audience. Advertising – especially digital advertising – is the fastest way to reach the people who matter to you. At Onlyhumans, we always create digital ads with a long-term in mind.

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Visual storytelling

Strong, authentic images are what makes your story persuade and your brand stick. Thanks to powerful visual storytelling, your ad moves beyond simply conveying a message and becomes an actual experience to your target audience.

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