Custom publishing: how we make your story irresistible

Do people still read offline magazines in this day and age? Hell yes. That is, they read magazines which are part of a solid content marketing strategy, tailored to a certain target group and perfectly in tune with online content. Magazines serving as a platform to inform and inspire customers, transforming them from first-time buyers into loyal clientele. Read on to discover the advantages of custom publishing.

Serving a balanced content mix

There’s no doubt in our mind that your brand has a fantastic story to tell. A story that inspires your target group and encourages them to take action. Provided it gets told the right way.

The most successful stories are not too long, not too short, not superficial and never boring.

What the most successful stories have in common is this: they’re not too long, not too short, not superficial and never boring. And they’re part of a balanced content mix with a strong online focus. Which, of course, doesn’t mean print has nothing to offer. On the contrary, print magazines add an important layer to your online marketing efforts. Just think about it: your website and social media channels provide a constant stream of bite-sized content, while periodical publications in print magazines discuss your brand’s views on certain topics more in-depth.

Constant interaction

But isn’t communicating both online and in print a lot of work? Not if you bundle your efforts. What we do is divide the bigger story into microcontent. For example, long-reads and video reports offer loads of fun messages to share on social media, while multiple blog posts can be combined into elaborate offline articles. It’s a smart and easy way to reach your target audience and achieve lasting results.

How we operate?


  • From concept over layout to the final look and feel: we work out the complete creative magazine concept after which our designers get to work. The result? A perfectly laid out article that hits the sweet spot.
  • Storytelling: interviews, analyses, storytelling … our copywriters make sure your B2C or B2B magazine is filled with all the right content.
  • Photography: creating top-notch shoots for a top-quality magazine. Forget stock images. Our custom photography is tailored to your brand.
  • Printing: that’s right, you can leave the printing part up to us as well. We always deliver quality, within the deadline.