There’s more to shaping your brand than meets the eye 

Product? Check. Price? Check. Strategy? Check! Your brand is good and ready to be launched. Or is it? Not quite. Without a strong brand name – not to mention a ditto presence and tone of voice – your brand is destined to crash and burn rather than skyrocket. Enter brand design. 

From brand story to brand experience 

How to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd and wins the consumers’ heartsThat’s where our brand designers come in. They know like no other that an almost ridiculously sexy name, an attractive personality and having ‘the look’ alongside a fascinating brand story are crucial steps towards successful brandingBut it doesn’t end there. Teffectively market your product or service, you need to offer your target audience a dynamic brand experience, in line with your brand story, as wellIn the end, it’s all about creating that buzz and keeping it alive and kicking!  

The name’s Brand, James Brand. 

What’s your name? Are you happy with it? Theres no doubt that finding the perfect brand name is a not to be underestimated aspect of branding in general. For most consumers, brand name says more about a business than its logo or even its products or servicesOur approach to high-quality brand name creation?

We believe a successful brand name is: 

  • striking, 
  • easy to use and pronounce, 
  • a perfect match for your product or service, 
  • not culture-specific (if you want to make it big on an international level, that is), 
  • timeless, 
  • not overly descriptive or abstract, 
  • and easy to claim in today’s competitive landscape. 

Logo design: your visual ambassador  

Brand design revolves around personality and standing out. Our designers make sure to position your brand completely in line with your brand story. Basing themselves on your core values and brand identity, they set out to create a visual ambassador for your brand: logo that is not only stylishdistinctive, timeless and easy to interpretbut also emits all the right signals and evokes the emotions you want your target audience to feelThe result is a powerful logo design that strongly contributes to the consumer’s experience of your brand. 

Powerful corporate design is more than your business card

What do all great logos have in common? A few lines and a dash of colour is all most consumers need to recognize them. Which is precisely why a solid visual identity is crucial for successfully communicating to your target group. If well-thought-out and adequately implemented, your visual identity goes beyond your business card. In addition to your brand logo, your corporate identity should include all kinds of other graphic elements, like a specific colour palette, certain fonts, a definition of your own photography style, … 

Our goal is to develop a coherent identity that is not only unique and distinctive, but also consistent and sustainable. Before designing your corporate identity, we define a clear strategy based on a thorough analysis. We ensure that everything we create for you is in line with your brand story and takes your brand heritage into account.

Let your slogan speak for itself. And for you. 

Every day, we consume more than 1,500 advertisements on average. Your potential customers should, in other words, be able to grasp what your brand stands for in the blink of an eye. In addition to a strong brand name and a great logo and visuals, a successful slogan is crucial to seal the dealNobody’s interested in reading or hearing baseline – your company or organisation’s slogan  that might just as well come from the competitionGeneric slogans are confusing and quick to evaporate. Steering clear from clichés is the answer! 

Our copywriters combine their creativity, insights and expertise to come up with the ultimate tagline for your company. A tagline that fits your way of operating to a Tcreates added value and strengthens your brand as a wholeSuccinct yet powerful, catchy yet timeless and neither too difficult nor too technical, the best taglines convey a USP or unique promise in a manner that is both credible and appealing 

When all seems lost, follow your brand guidelines! 

Because your brand is – hopefully – not just a one-hit-wonder, branding is a never-ending quest for excellenceYour brand communication likely involves multiple formats running through various channels and in various media. To avoid mixed messages and guarantee continuity
and consistency, a house style guide or brand guide is key to safeguarding your corporate identity. 

In your brand guide, we clearly outline all the style guidelines your brand should adhere to, alongside a series of examples. Additionally, your house style guide describes all other elements of your corporate identity, including typography, design language, graphics, tone of voice and logo variants. In short, it enables everyone, from employees to external partners, to become a guardian and ambassador of your brand identity.

What can our brand design do for you? 

Is your company in need of a distinctive brand design? It’s Onlyhumans to the rescue! We’re happy to create a design for you that: 

  • makes your brand story come to life and turns it into an experience, 
  • makes name and fame for your brand, 
  • make your brand instantly recognizable, 
  • make your brand memorable because of its strong corporate identity, 
  • supports your brand with a smart slogan, 
  • and comes with a handy brand guide to guarantee consistency.