When our moms ask us what we do all day, this is what we say.


We tell stories!

Yup, it’s simple. Or maybe not that simple. Because telling stories is not all we do. We help brands create sparks by telling stories that make their followers dream, stories which inspire and – before things get too emotional here – inform them. In short: we help build brands that win consumers’ hearts.

Strategische oefeningen

Strategic exercises

The first step to come up with an awesome brand story is … taking a step back. We make brands more human in terms of customer experience, brand identity and storytelling. To arrive at the best angle(s), we offer strategic exercises in the form of interactive workshops.

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We never bring home a bad report card

Evidently, Onlyhumans attaches great importance to the human side of marketing. That’s not to say, though, that we don’t value the figures that come with it.


139 keywords

That’s how many keywords our Google Ad experts buy on average each day. The result? Numerous campaigns that make people click.

1163 articles

The number of articles that tumble out of our copywriters’ keyboards each year. It’s their interesting content that enables our customers to inspire their customers, time and time again.

248 post-its

Every week we use stacks and stacks of Post-it notes to jot down new ideas. The result? Concepts that stick.

97 ping pong balls

The amount of ping pong balls that got dented or lost in our office so far. After all, top work requires the very best effort. And that means engaging in the occasional ping pong match to let off steam.