Search engine optimization (SEO), or how to seduce any target audience through organic search results

What do you do when you’re in the mood for the best French fries ever – but have no idea where to get them? Or when you’ve completely forgotten how to tie a tie? Or when you have trouble falling asleep and need a solution fast? You just ask Google! Every day, millions of people use search engines to look for services, products, information and entertainment. They type in a search term and … *fingers crossed* … countless results appear instantly. The most relevant ones even feature at the top of the page. Talk about convenient!

Let your audience come to you

Let’s face it. No one bothers to look beyond the first page of search results – unless they’re getting really, really desperate. If you want your message to get noticed, you better aim as high as you can. That’s where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes in, giving your website the best possible position in organic search results.
SEO seduces search engines and helps you score points with the ever-mysterious Google Algorithm. The result? A higher position in the search results page, increased online visibility in the form of organic or branded search results, and more relevant traffic to your website. And that of course means your KPIs become all the more glorious.


Optimizing your website is not something you do overnight. Let’s talk basics first. You need to make sure your platform is irresistible to Google. Key technical ingredients to achieve that are:

  • A clear URL structure
  • A clear page structure, including a correct title structure
  • A logical information architecture
  • Mobile usability
  • Fast page load time
  • Correct meta descriptions for each page
  • Alt image descriptions

And it doesn’t stop there. Your SEO efforts should also include link building and social media optimization if you want your website to obtain and maintain a good position. Why? Because search engines measure how important your website is based on the number of other websites that link to it. It’s Google’s way of finding out whether you’re an authority in your field, and it’s also your opportunity to gain the trust of your target audience.

Optimizing for machines, writing for humans

Unfortunately, simply saturating your website with keywords won’t do the trick. Not only is ‘keyword stuffing’ one of Google’s pet peeves – there’s that mysterious Google Algorithm again –, visitors will also leave your website in the blink of an eye you don’t tell an interesting story. That’s why the intentions of your target group are the starting point of the content we create. Analyzing those intentions enables our team of SEO copywriters to produce copy that both seduces your visitors and appeals to search engines. Your target group will not just find your website in a flash, but also fall in love with it from the moment they land on it.

Let’s take care of your SEO campaign!

  • SEO audit

    We analyse your website both on a technical level and in terms of content, coming up with a comprehensible list of what needs improving.

  • Keyword research

    To help your website score better in organic search results, we analyze loads and loads of keywords. We identify the intentions of your target audience and determine which kind of content you need.

  • Action plan

    We draw up a complete action plan to optimize both your content and technical SEO framework.

  • Optimization and creation

    We both optimalize and create. From clever SEO copy over display banner design to backlinks and link building.

  • Evaluation and optimization

    We like to keep our finger on the pulse. Let us monitor, optimize and coordinate your SEO campaigns! It’s what we do best.

Some stuff that may interest you

  • We’re a Google Certified Partner
  • We’ve got more than 16 years of experience in setting up, monitoring and optimizing AdWords campaigns
  • Our team comprises 50 digital experts, based in Antwerp and Ghent
  • Our human ‘ad copy’ is written by creative natives (Dutch/French)
  • Our Project Managers run a tight ship, retrieving data and obtaining results, and providing you with useful insights
  • We manage 20k worth of AdWords budgets a day

We’re the driving force behind AdWords campaigns for the following happy customers: